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Who we are

We are a socially aware company which believes that technology when strategically leveraged will at its best address social and development issues on the African continent and the world at large. We build and develop products which have a positive impact on society at large.

The Bit in BitBerg means binary digits 0 and 1 which speaks volumes of the space we occupy in the technology space. We however redefine bit in what we do: Committed to Building Impact Technologies which is our corporate tagline. “Berg” in BitBerg means rock in Dutch which is to say our technologies are as solid as rock.

We are a group of social entrepreneurs, data scientists, software engineers, product designers and managers, business strategists and analysts. If you look forward to implementing a technology solution which has the prospect of affecting society positively, call on us

Our philosophy
Best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.
Goals & values
  1. Service: Customers are at the heart of our company and so we deliver solutions like you wan.

  2. Speed: Our service delivery is on point. We work within the shortest possible time to satisfy the needs of our customers.

  3. Impact: We believe that technology plays a great role in affecting the lives of people and communities at large. We have a culture of injecting an element of impact into every product or project we work on.

  4. Integrity: Doing the right thing is not just enough. Doing it right is what we call it

Our experience

We are young energetic and talented guys with experience in myriad of areas. We are so enthusiastic about ICT and its implementation in varying spheres of life. We are always elated and happy to help our clients find solutions to their problems.


Web Design - 9 years
Mobile Applications - 8 years
IT Consulting - 5 years
Web Appications Development - 9years
Services & products

An online and mobile payment platform to facilitate social and general payments, disbursements, remittances and financial collaborations


A self-publishing and electronic reader platform for African writers, artists, bloggers and avid readers. Also serves as an outlet for book sale.


GeevApp is a mobile and online fundraiser which empowers organized corporate entities and individuals to manage and promote collaboration social impact projects and causes.


A portal which connects the brightest and promising students to the corporate world through internships. It also provides information for volunteers


An Interactive Voice Response and sms-based application engine for communication targeted at mobile devices


“I was there some” is a web and mobile application for registering attendees of programs and sharing contacts of participants and files that were used for presentations